Energy is vital for economic growth and development of a country. In Uganda however, the energy sector, is largely informal and under developed. Only about 10% of the country’s population is connected to the national electricity grid. The total electrical energy contribution in Uganda consists primarily of hydro power.

Although power is in short supply, Uganda is blessed with a vast potential for hydro electric power generation. Uganda has an estimated overall electrical power potential of over 5,300MW, Comprising of 2,200 Mw potential from hydropower. The opportunities in electrical sector in Uganda has been identified and priorities by the Government of Uganda in its National Development Plan.

Muvumbe Hydro U Limited, promoted by Vidullanka PLC of Sri Lanka recognized this  opportunity to venture in to Uganda by developing the Muvumbe Small Hydro Power Project in Kabale Distrcit in the Western Region of Uganda

The Company  - Muvumbe Hydro (U) Limited


When the possibility of developing a hydro power project at the Muvumbe river in Uganda was first perceived, A special purpose Vehicle "Muvumbe Hydro  ( U ) Limited " was incorporated in Uganda to undertake the  studies and the development of the Muvumbe Small Hydro Power Project.The company has obtained approvals required to develop the project from various approving agencies and is expecting to commence the construction in 2015.

The Promoter -  Vidullanka PLC





MUVUMBE HYDRO  (U) LIMITED .  No 29/33, Kampala Road, Amber House, 1st Floor, Suite B108, P.O.Box 6690, Kampala, Uganda

Project Parameters

Muvumbe Hydro  (U)   Limited

A project by Vidullanka PLC


Muvumbe Small Hydro Power Project

Installed Capacity

6,500 KW


Maziba Sub county, Kabale District, Uganda


Nyakizumba ( Also known as  River Maziba )